Sunday, August 9, 2009

Social Networking Structures are Changing the World

“College administrators have embraced technology as a means of furthering education, but they have failed to realize that younger users view technology largely as a means of delivering entertainment—be it music, video games, Internet access, or television—and secondarily, as a means of communicating” (Bugeja, 2006, p. 3).

This is a very interesting statement and warrants further discussion. What are the ramifications it this statement is true. The effects of social networking structures upon education especially higher education are becoming quite pronounced. Are University and College administration officials failing to understand the primary reason that their constituencies? They are expending are great deal of resources constructing social networking structures around recruitment and retention. Is this the most efficient use of limited resources? How can we expend this much capital without definitive research on the effects and sustainability of these structures?


Bugeja, M. J. (2006). Heads up facing facebook. Chronicle Careers, 52(21), 1-4. Retrieved from

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